Sure Shot Model "B" Electroless Nickel Plated Atomizing Sprayer

Sure Shot® Model "B" Electroless Nickel Plated Atomizing Sprayer

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Refillable, Rechargeable, Completely Portable

Made by Milwaukee Sprayer Mfg. since 1932.

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Model "B" Electroless nickel plated aluminum sprayers look and work much like an aerosol can, except they are refillable and rechargeable (using compressed air). They are available in 8 and 16 oz. liquid capacities. These sprayers are recommended for use with Eezox® Synthetic Lubricants, as well as many other products, providing the seals are compatible with the product you are spraying. Viton® seals are standard and offer excellent chemical resistance. Other seals are available should you require them. Just fill, pressurize to 80 - 150 P.S.I. and spray. All of these sprayers come with an assortment of nozzles including 2 Fine, 2 Medium, 2 Regular, 2 Coarse and 1 Pin Stream with a 6" plastic extension tube. They also include an extra valve. These valves will need to be replaced as they are normal maintenance items.

To qualify for a 10% discount, purchase either the 8oz or 16oz sprayer together with one quart of Eezox Gun Care.
This discounted package is available only by phone orders.

Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanWe also have, as an option, an adjustable nozzle (item B32) which can vary delivery of the product from a pin stream to a fine mist. Using this one adjustable nozzle will save time and cleanup because it eliminates the need to depressurize the sprayer to change nozzles, then repressurize to continue spraying.

The sprayers come packed in a recloseable box containing not only the sprayer and above mentioned extras, but detailed pictures, a parts list and comprehensive troubleshooting tips.

Over the course of years of using this product, normal wear occurs requiring occasional maintenance. We stock replacement valve kits (item B51) as well as a complete repair kit (item B50).

Refillable, Reusable. Extra Versatile.
Pressurized by Free Air.
Sure ShotŪ Model 'B' Electroless Nickel Plated Atomizing Sprayer
Sure Shot sprayers are not recommended for spraying any acids. Sure Shot sprayers will handle most chemicals,
but are not designed to be used with products
that are intended to etch or attack metal surfaces.

Model "B" Electroless Nickel Plated Atomizing Sprayers - Technical Information

Model # Finish Capacity
8400CB Brushed  16oz. Approximate size: 9-1/4" H x 2-7/8" Diameter
8700CB Brushed    8oz. Approximate size: 8-1/2" H x 2-1/2" Diameter
B12 -----   Viton valve core
B51 -----   Replacement Valve Kit
  (contains 6 each: valves, o-rings and nozzles)
B50 -----   Complete Repair Kit
B32 -----   Adjustable Nozzle

  The top part that unscrews from the canister is Chrome Plated Brass.
  Not recommended for paint.

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Since 1932 Milwaukee Sprayer Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been manufacturing "SURE SHOT®" sprayers. Long before aerosols were invented, SURE SHOT® sprayers were used for applying many products.

SURE SHOTS® are now used with hundreds of different chemicals in dozens of industries. Many of SURE SHOTS®' new uses were not even thought of in the days when service station attendants wore molded leather leggings and military style caps with patent leather visors.

In 2003 Milwaukee Sprayer moved to a new location in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin, providing twice the square footage of the old factory. This new location will help allow increased production to maintain pace with growing market demand. As has always been the case, Sure Shot® sprayers are and will continue to be "made in the U.S.A."

Product innovations, versatility, application growth and experience have made SURE SHOT® one of the best selling portable sprayer lines and Milwaukee Sprayer the first name in refillable, rechargeable, compressed air sprayers.