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Sure Shot SprayersSure Shot Sprayers
Model "B" Electroless nickel plated aluminum sprayers look and work much like an aerosol can, except they are refillable and rechargeable (using compressed air). They are available in 8 and 16 oz. liquid capacities. These sprayers are recommended for use with Eezox® Synthetic Lubricants, as well as many other products, providing the seals are compatible with the product you are spraying.

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Eezox Premium Synthetic LubricantsEezox® Premium Synthetic Lubricants
Triple action lubricants that clean, lubricate and protect against corrosion and fingerprints, even in salt water conditions. Used on guns, fishing reels, bicycles, chains and hundreds of other items.

Eezox Premium Synthetic LubricantsEezox® Premium Knife Care
A one product knife care system. It works from +450F to -95F. Eezox Knife Care cleans, lubricates and prevents rust and fingerprinting. Knife Care dries to the touch leaving no oily film.

Woodman's Pal®, Model 284 - PremiumWoodman's Pal®, Model 284 - Premium
with Leather Grip and Steel Knuckleguard. Provides great momentum and fine balance. Recommended for all around cutting and chopping of brush up to 3 inch diameter. Includes a free Cordura sheath and honing stone.

Radocy Takedown GuidesRadocy Takedown Guides
These detailed disassembly guides will take you through the process of dismantling and reassembling your firearm. With step-by-step instructions and practical tips, cleaning your own firearm could not be easier.

One Hole SightsOne Hole Sights
Aperture sights that replace the adjustable rear blade sight on your Ruger revolvers and pistols as well as on Winchester rifles and shotguns.

Mag SparkMag Spark
Stainless 2 piece replacement nipple for caplock muzzleloading rifles allows use of 209 shotshell primers.

Redi StartRedi Start
Amazing short starter for muzzleloading rifles. Built to last for generations of black powder hunters.

Bright Sights high visibility gun sight coatingsBright Sights
High visibility gun sight coatings. The ones the pros use. Another exceptional product, but this one is only offered at the retail level.

Fulton FlashlightsFulton Flashlights
We offer a variety of high quality, made in the USA, rough service and waterproof flashlights.