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Q: Can I apply some Eezox to steel case ammo to prevent it from rusting? I have some Hornady 7.62x39 V-Max steel case ammo that tends to rust more quickly than other 7.62x39 ammo because it does not have a polymer or lacquer coating. I live in a hot and humid environment so this speeds up the process. I would like to "treat" some of the ammo that I keep loaded in my AK mags so it does not rust. Is there a method you know of I can use? Should I seal the primer and bullet first and then spray the cases?

I look forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

Omar E. Fernandez

A: The use of EEZOX on live ammo is O.K. Because the solution is non-polar, it will NOT affect primers, and in fact is used as a primer lube by some loaders. My carry gun is a Walther PPK/S (and a bit finicky), I always wipe my ammo down with EEZOX before firing at the range in order to make sure I do not have any feeding problems. Many of our deputies do the same thing.

Hope this helps.
Answered by Dr. Gary Waer

Q: I saw that EEZOX is safe on wood and rubber, but what are your recommendations for its use on or around ivory and mother of pearl?


A: Depends on the rubber, but best to keep it off. Mother of Pearl and Ivory should not be affected. But why bother? I have gotten it on almost everything and never had a problem. One must simply use a bit of discretion during application. I always remove grips when cleaning anyway.

Answered by Dr. Gary Waer

Q: Will Eezox build up in my barrel and need cleaned out with anything else?

A: Absoutely not. There are no additives that can cause a buildup, such as teflon or molly. Use ONLY Eezox on your firearm metal. There is never a need for any other product, including oil or grease. As a matter of fact, that is one of the main reasons to use Eezox, so that you don't need all those dirt catching, action gumming products.

Q: How can Eezox prevent rust without using oil or grease?

A: Eezox is a three part, all synthetic combination of cleaners, dry lubricant and rust preventive that is much heavier than water. When it penetrates the metal, it will not allow moisture of any kind (including salt water) to get in.

Q: Is Eezox safe for my wood stock?

A: Eezox will not harm original wood stocks. Do not apply Eezox to a painted or urethane coated stock.

Q: Do I have to reapply Eezox over the entire gun each time I use it to maintain rust proofing?

A: No. The first time you clean your firearm, it should be taken down as far as practical. Thoroughly clean all the grease, oil, dirt and other previous solvents from the metal, using ONLY EEZOX. When you are happy that your gun is completely clean, wipe it dry with a cloth and then apply a THIN coat of Eezox and set it aside to dry. Do not allow EEZOX to pool and dry, especially on semiautos. If the EEZOX has not dried to the touch within a couple of hours, you have applied too much....wipe dry with a soft cloth. Reassemble your firearm and you are protected from rust, even around salt water. A quick bore cleaning and light wipe down of exposed metal and you are good to go.

Q: Can Eezox be used on metals other than firearms?

A: Eezox can be used on ANY METAL... even stainless. Eezox will penetrate rusted bolts, free up locks, clean grinding wheels, printing press chain drives, metal electrical contacts and many hundreds of other uses.

Q: I shoot cast bullets. Will Eezox get the lead out?

A: It sure will. Once you have given your bore a good first cleaning with Eezox, you will find that your bore will lead a whole lot less. As a matter of fact you will notice that it leads less and less with each successive bore cleaning using only Eezox.

Q: I hunt whitetails and varmints. Will the smell of Eezox have much of an affect on them?

A: Once the cleaning agent in Eezox has evaporated, the very slight lingering smell is akin to that of a fresh mowed wheat field. It is a very subtle smell and will not be offensive to game animals.

Q: What about reloading presses and die sets? Can I use Eezox on them too?

A: Yes you can. Eezox does a great job on both counts. Once you start cleaning your presses and die sets with Eezox, you will find that they will operate very smoothly, will not rust and will not accumulate grit and grime like they did when you cleaned them with other products. As always, keep in mind that a little bit of Eezox goes a long way. Your press and die sets should be dry to the touch when you are finished.

Q: Does EEZOX need to be shaken or stirred before each use?

A: No, it doesn't. There are no solids in EEZOX and the liquids do not separate.

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