One Hole Sights

Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanThe "One Hole" aperture or ghost ring sights relieve eye strain and allow you to shoot more accurately and faster than with your standard blade rear sight. Dramatically improve your shooting without the weight and bulk of a scope.

Developed and manufactured in the USA to exacting standards. These sights were extensively tested under actual field conditions to ensure that they will perform as advertised.

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Hi Paul,

I just put on my third set of your One Hole Sights, getting pretty good at it! This one on my Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 3.75 barrel in 44 Mag, this is just the ticket for this pistol. I now have these on my Ruger 41 Mag Blackhawk and my Ruger 10mm/40 Blackhawk. Besides these being great sights they were shipped as fast as any online order I have ever made.

Thank you for great sights and great business sense.


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I installed the one hole sights on my Ruger SP101 and the slug barrel of my Browning B80 (it's a Baretta 303 factory 24" slug barrel. The B80 is based on the 303). Both work great. I can shoot the slug gun to 5" at 100 yards with an occasional flyer due to myself or just slug shooting in general. Got a few positive comments at the range from guys shooting their deer rifles with scopes.

The Ruger required some filing with a fine triangle file. As you see in the pictures, the factory sight has the mounting tab offset to one side. I could have taken some more off which would have made it an easier re-install. Maybe I'll do that in the future. I got it in though and it makes a great sight picture. I had to crank the sight down almost as far as it would go since the sight center is higher than the flat blade but there was enough adjustment to get it just right. I'll need to find a holster that doesn't cover the sight. The blade is a little wider than factory but it does't bother me.

The browning sight required either removal of the mounting tab nib or filing a slot so it will slip in the slot. I filed the slot but either way would work. I had to crank it down some also but got it set.

Both are very secure but the browning blade is a bit thicker than yours. It tightens with a set screw on either side which locks it in very well. Couldn't be more pleased. I have an old H&R break top 9 shot 22 sportsman that will be next. Looks like a drop in. I may need different length set screws.

Anyway - I was contemplating getting out of slugs since the flat top open sights are a difficult sight picture at 100 yards. No longer. It is now my Texas hog gun!


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I bought one of the sights for my Ruger Blackhawk and loved it. Just moved it to my Super Redhawk in 480 Ruger. At a friend's, we shot at 50 yards and 100 yards with amazing results. At 50 yards I grouped 1" about 1.5" high and at 100 yards, 1.5" group dead center. I can't shoot that good. These sights are amazing for tired old eyes. I read a discussion about why you don't have them for S&W revolvers as the rear sight is built quite differently so I'll be selling my S&W and buying another Ruger.

Thanks again for making a great solution.


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Hello Paul,

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the way you guys do business. My order was shipped promptly and the minor issue with the sight paint was resolved courteously and quickly.

The One Hole sights for my Ruger Bisley Super Blackhawk 44 magnum are terrific!! Just like the advertisement indicated, I could look through the peep site and focus on the front sight and shoot very accurately. This was welcomed by my aging eyes since I did not want to hunt with a scoped pistol. The extra bonus was that this sight gave me extra elevation range. I am shooting heavier than usual plus P ammo and the original Ruger sight would not allow for the much higher point of impact. My hunting buddy liked the sight so much I had to order another One Hole sight for him!

I am retired and shop frequently on the internet, so I just wanted to give praise where praise is due.

Chuck from Georgia