The Winchester One Hole Sight

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The One Hole Sight

Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanStraight grip lever action guns like the Winchester Model 92's and 94's are as popular and effective today as they were a century ago. Their light weight and excellent balance make them easy to carry and use in the field. With their light weight and narrow forend, the lever gun shoulders quickly and points like a dream. The "One Hole" sight adds to the quick handling qualities of the gun and enables your hands and eyes to work together to make faster and more accurate hits.

Traditional tang mounted aperture sights work very well, but they are often slow and delicate. Due to their location and small aperture size, quick handling and hits in low light conditions can be difficult to say the least. The "One Hole" sight will get you on target faster than either the barrel mounted "Buckhorn" sight or traditional receiver or tang mounted aperture sights. Performance of the "One Hole" sight in those tough dawn and dusk shots is exceptional.

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Installs easily and Built to Last...

The "One Hole" aperture sight requires NO drilling or tapping and installs in minutes. With solid steel construction and CNC machined precision, the "One Hole" sight is tough as nails and designed for heavy field use. It is well protected with an attractive, durable, and weather resistant Mil Spec Flat Black Phosphate finish.

NOTE: These are 2 screw sight blades (see the pictures below). They will not work on Winchesters with blades using a 1 screw mounting.

Each Winchester Set includes:

The Winchester "One Hole" Sight Will Fit All:


Winchester Model 94 with One Hole Sight
Winchester Model 94 with One Hole Sight Winchester Model 94 with One Hole Sight


Winchester Model 94 with One Hole SightHighlighting the front sight will make it easier for your eye to "Pick Up" the front sight quickly, and will help you to score fast and accurate hits at all ranges.

To help your front sight stand out, try a little BRIGHT SIGHTS sight paint or nail polish applied to the upper rear area of the front sight.

Installation is easy to do and takes only a few minutes.

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