The Ruger One Hole Sight

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The One Hole Sight

Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanThe Ruger One Hole aperture (or ghost ring) sight is perfect for hunting, plinking, target shooting and defense. The "One Hole" sight will provide you with a quick, positive sight picture for those tough, close, shots where time and range are both short. This aperture sight blade is faster on target at all ranges, and is fully adjustable; just like your factory blade. It carries easily and will fit in your holster with little or no modification. It does not add the weight and bulk of a scope, and you don't have to worry about it shooting loose or flying over your shoulder when you pull the trigger. The "One hole" sight was designed for heavy field use.

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For those of you who have never used an aperture sight before, the secret is to COMPLETELY IGNORE the rear sight when aiming at the target. Simply put your front sight on the target...your eye will automatically center the front sight within the aperture sight. You will be amazed at the improvement in your accuracy over open sights.

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Built from high quality, medium carbon, cold rolled steel then zinc coated and black phosphate plated to reduce glare and provide an attractive and durable weather resistant finish. The One Hole sights will increase vertical adjustment, are designed for heavy field use, have quality steel construction, and have a MilSpec black phosphate finish.

Each Ruger Set Includes:

The Ruger "One Hole" Sight Will Fit All:

What Can The "One Hole" Sight Do?

Each Ruger "One Hole" set Includes 2 Sight Blades. One blade with an aperture of 7/32" and one blade with an aperture of 9/32".

After a year of testing, tuning and lots of shooting, we have found that the 9/32" blade is best where the shooting is likely to be close and fast. The 7/32" blade is best on open ground, in a tree stand, or on the range at 30 yards or more. 

Large Aperture Blade on Ruger Super Blackhawk

Large Aperture Blade on Ruger Super Blackhawk Large Aperture Blade on Ruger Super Blackhawk Large Aperture Blade on Ruger Super Blackhawk

Highlighting the front sight will make it easier for your eye to "Pick Up" the front sight quickly, and will help you to score fast and accurate hits at all ranges.

To help your front sight stand out, try a little BRIGHT SIGHTS sight paint or nail polish applied to the upper rear area of the front sight.

Installation is easy to do and takes only a few minutes.

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