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This Eezox distributorship is under new management beginning November 2, 2016. All wholesale or retail sales should be directed to Ray Toofan at

Ray Toofan at
850 Schneider Suite H
Cibolo, TX 78108

Any questions related to Eezox Products should be directed to Eezox Manufacturing. You may contact them using this email form, or by calling them at 800-350-8999 (M-F 9am to 5pm)

Eezox Premium Synthetic LubricantsWe here at Warren Custom Outdoor are distributors for Eezox®, Inc. a manufacturer of premium synthetic lubricants used for guns, fishing reels, boats, cycles and chains. We are located in Warren, Ohio. Since we think so highly of Eezox® products, we decided it should have it's very own web site. You can find a list of EEZOX® dealers on our Eezox® Dealer page. We hope that you will visit their establishments if you are in the area. If you are not able to find EEZOX® in your area, we can ship it to you. We have shipped all over the U.S., including Hawaii, and to the Yukon Territory, Canada.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and go out of our way to ensure that you get prompt and friendly service.

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Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanEezox® is a premium cleaning system for the hunting, boating, fishing, biking, camping, sport/competitive shooting and black powder enthusiast.

We believe we have the best line of one-step products on the market to clean, lubricate and prevent rust and finger printing on all kinds of metals, including guns, fishing reels and boat controls, cycles and ATV's, even in salt water conditions.

EEZOX® Synthetic Premium Gun Care is a total gun-care system with ONE PRODUCT for all types of guns, including Black Powder and Bow Cams. EEZOX® enables your firearm to function as designed by the manufacturer. A fine black powder cleaner as it will not affect seasoning of a muzzle loader bore.

EEZOX® cleans, lubricates, prevents rust, and finger printing. It eliminates stiff actions, jamming and all types of residue build-up. It’s also NON-FLAMMABLE!! It functions from 450 degrees to 95 degrees below 0. EEZOX® dries to the touch on guns in use or in storage. Your guns are always protected with EEZOX®.

EEZOX® Stain Less Steel Premium Metal Care cleans, polishes, protects, removes water spots, stains and finger marks. It provides continuous protection for appliances, sinks, and faucets. Wipe it on, rub itin and dry it off.

EEZOX® Reel Boating brings you velvet smooth boating controls and fishing reels.

EEZOX® Cycle Tune-up is the ultimate drive train maintenance product for your bicycle, motorcycle or ATV. It cleans, lubricates, prevents rust and dries to the touch.

Each of these fine products are ONE PRODUCT systems. You will not need any other cleaners, lubricants, or rust prevention products.

NEW CONTAINER SIZE We now have Eezox® in a .95oz (27gms) oiler container. It has a thin metal needle type applicator end approximately 1.5 inches long that allows you to get just a small amount of your favorite Eezox® product in hard to reach places. We have the Premium Gun Care, Reel Boating, and Cycle Tune-up in stock now in this new size.

NEW SIZE FOR EEZOX® GUN CARE We have added a 1.5oz drip bottle in the Premium Gun Care only. Perfect for wetting a patch for cleaning in the home or in the field. Slips easily into your pack or even in a shirt pocket. Available now!

QUART SIZE Due to many people asking, we now have in stock a one quart size of our Premium Gun Care and Cycle Tuneup to fill the gap between the 4oz and 1 gallon sizes. Check our order page for price and approximate shipping weight.

ORDER FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY You can place an order for any of our Eezox® products and have it delivered to friends or family members anywhere in the USA.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.

We are currently seeking to expand our dealership program. If you are a dealer/vendor and are interested in becoming a dealer in one or more of these three fine products, please email, phone or write us for further details.

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Click on the following links to read about Eezox® Gun Care, Eezox® Knife Care, Eezox® Cycle Tune-Up, Eezox® Reel Boating, Eezox® Dealer page, Eezox® FAQs, Testimonials, and Eezox® History.