Eezox® Premium Knife Care

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Product Information

Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanEezox Premium Synthetic Knife Care is a one product knife care system. It works from +450F to -95F. Eezox Knife Care cleans, lubricates and prevents rust and fingerprinting. Knife Care dries to the touch leaving no oily film.

Custom knife makers and high grade knife resellers can be assured that their knives will be protected against the normal pitting and staining problems that can be caused by invisible sputum (microscopic particles of spittle) falling on the blades of their knives that are on open display at knife shows.

Eezox® Premium Knife CarePlease read the directions before using Eezox Premium Knife Care. Since the directions do not come on the labels of all container sizes, the following four paragraphs have been added here for your information.

Using only Eezox, clean all moving parts, mechanisms and all other metal surfaces and parts. Eezox is the ONE PRODUCT KNIFE SYSTEM THAT DOES IT ALL.

When your knife is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light application of Eezox to all the parts mentioned and allow to dry. If too much Eezox has been applied, remove the excess with a soft cloth.

Once the last application of Eezox has dried, your knife is now ready for regular use or for storage. Although dry to the touch, Eezox continually works to protect your knives, whether in use or in storage.

Continued use of Eezox will definitely improve knife functions. Please note that Eezox will remove residual buildup from previously used products. If some of this residue starts to reappear, simply clean your knife again with Eezox to remove all traces of the residue.

Product Information

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