Installation of One Hole Sights

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Adding the 'One Hole' Sight to your favorite firearm
is easy to do and takes only a few minutes with common hand tools.

Ruger's, BFR Revolvers & Handi-Rifles | Winchesters | Marlins

Installation of One Hole Sights

Rugers, BFR Revolvers and Handi-Rifles

Installing the 'One Hole' Sight is simple, direct, and takes only a few minutes.

All you will need is one small flat head screwdriver and a toothpick, paper clip, etc...

Begin by backing the windage adjustment screw Almost all the way out.

DO NOT remove the screw completely at this point or you may lose the tension spring when the old blade is removed.

With the adjustment screw still in place by a turn or two, grasp the old blade and gently pull upward, moving the blade to align the small extrusion on the blade with the notch in the site body.

Note: On early Rugers (pre '73') you may need to remove the extrusion on the blade as there is no notch on the older sight bases. You can easily remove it with a flat file, or flatten it with a hammer and punch.

Installation of Ruger One Hole Sights
Windage Adjusting Screw


Installation of Ruger One Hole Sights

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Now that the old blade is out, completely remove the windage screw. (Be careful not to tilt the handgun and drop the tension spring) Using the toothpick or wire, compress the spring and insert the 'One Hole' Site**. Be sure that the blade is in the center of the spring. Return the windage adjustment screw and center the blade.

** I use a small-shafted electronic screwdriver for this step.

Installation of Ruger One Hole Sights
Highlighting the front sight will make it easier for your eye to 'pick up' the front sight quickly and will help you to score fast and accurate hits at all ranges.

To help your front sight stand out, try a little BRIGHT SIGHTS sight paint or nail polish applied to the upper rear area of the front sight.

Thats it. You are now ready to sight in your Ruger!

Installation of One Hole Sights


All you will need is a small, flat-head, screwdriver.

It could not be easier. Simply loosen the two small screws on the back of the factory rear sight blade and remove it. Install the "One Hole" sight blade in it's place and tighten the screws.

That's it... All done!

Rear View of Sight
on Winchester Model 94

Installation of Winchester One Hole Sights

Installation of One Hole Sights


You will need masking tape and a pair of pliers.

Place a small piece of tape over each of the plier's jaws to avoid scratching or marring the barrel or sight base. Remove the Elevator by raising the rear sight and pulling the Elevator toward the muzzle and up from beneath the blade. Now GENTLY* squeeze the arms of the base and remove the Factory Blade.

* The arms don't have to move far to remove the blade, and you can bend them if you squeeze them too hard.

Again gently squeeze the arms and install the One Hole Blade in place of the factory blade and replace the Elevator.

Marlin Model 1895CB with factory base and 'One Hole' Sight
Installation of Marlin One Hole Sights