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Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

I purchased this product at a gun show in Gainesville, GA in 1993. I cleaned up my old 30.06 deer rifle with it and stood it up in the corner of my basement to await the next Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanopen season. Before the season opened I had purchased a "new and improved" rifle which I kept in a case upstairs with me. This past March 2013 while cleaning out my basement I found my old gun right where I left it (20 years earlier).

I never bought a case for it but I had treated it with EEZOX. I just wanted to let you know that while it was a bit dusty there was not one spot of rust to be found on it and the bolt action was as smooth as the day I purchased it. This is the honest truth.

Thank you,
Jim Howard

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products


Last year I ordered a quart of your rust proofing product, Eezox. No exaggeration, it may be changing my life - I have never been able to NOT rust metal.

On the palms of my hands, you can always see standing moisture. My rust is not a sign of laziness, I can rust stainless steel and nickel plating quickly with my sweaty hands because I sweat like a stuck pig bleeds. Even wiping down all metal I touch does not stop surface rust and eventual pitting. I have never been able to touch a blued or parkerized gun without rusting it. I conceal and carry and make a living with steel tools, so I have tried many products, including WD40, Break-Free, Hoppes, Sweetshooter and more.

Your product is simply incredible. Your product is a ton less work, it only needs to be applied once and it has worked this long without another application. I am finally able to buy blued and parkerized guns and magazines. Not having to wipe down every socket, knife and ratchet is a huge change.

Thank you!!!

Ned T. Bruha, ACP, BEP, BCP
Vice President
The Skunk Whisperer®, Inc.
Truly humane wildlife removal & prevention, done right the first time
Oklahoma City: 405-905-WILD
Tulsa: 918-261-4444

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Hi Paul,

After a season of deer hunting, I'm ready to give a review of your Eezox Gun Care. I cleaned and lubed my rifle (not stainless) back in the summer. The first thing I noticed was how the Eezox dries. There is no oily residue and no fingerprints the day after using it. I test fired it and found that the Eezox in the bore didn't change the point of impact of the bullet, even on the first shot. That's great because the bore is protected from moisture without affecting the bullet like other gun lubes can. This cost me a nice buck years ago, when I had treated the bore with some gun oil. This year, I hunted long and hard, spending some days out in the elements all day. At least 4 or 5 days had some precipitation, and my rifle would be wet for many hours. My rifle looks great with no signs of rust, and operates smoothly after only one treatment and hunting in all kinds of weather for a whole season. I also like how it dries odour free. There’s a bit of odour coming from the action where it can't completely dry, but it smells like wheat or grass and shouldn’t alert game.

I'm looking forward to next year when hopefully I can go backpacking for Bighorns in the Rockies again. I won't have to worry about my rifle ever again, even with the weather the mountains can throw and staying in a damp tent.

Thanks for the Eezox,

Kelowna B.C. Canada

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Hello Paul,

Three years ago I ordered Eezox Gun Care from you. This product is great. I have been using it on my 2 Benelli shotguns and several different rifles and it lubricates and prevents rust much better than any other gun oil I have ever used. Have been shooting and hunting for 30 years and I shoot at least 10,000 rounds with the shotguns and 3 - 4,000 rounds in my rifles every year. With Eezox gun oil protecting my guns from rust and wear I can concentrate on the hunt or the competition. Will you still ship 4 oz cans of Eezox Gun Care to Norway? I want (3) 4 oz can's and (1) 0.95 oz Oiler.

Thanks for your help. :-))

Kjell Olav Aasgaard

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products


I had to write to tell you about this! My friend (and co-worker) just returned from Afghanistan where he'd been stationed for the past fifteen months. He came by the office today to say hello to everyone and thank us for all of the "care packages" we sent to him and his team while he was "in country".

I knew that you had graciously sent him some Eezox® samples and I was curious as to how it held up in combat conditions. He and his Army National Guard team were responsible for the care and maintenance of a squadron of Apache helicopters. While he never fired his weapon the entire time he was there (thank God he didn't need to!), he did use his Eezox® in an unusual manner.

It seems that the doors on the attack helicopters kept getting stuck or were generally difficult to open after only a brief exposure to the blowing powdery sand. It would accumulate in the hinge grease and "gum up the works". A few days after receiving your shipment, he got the idea of trying this "dry lube" on this problem. He cleaned off all of the dirt and grease from the hinges on one of his "birds" with alcohol, then coated them with Eezox®. He then dried the hinges, reassembled the doors, and then never again had a problem with a gummed-up door or even a squeak! He ended up treating all of the doors in his squadron with your product, and they were still gum-free (and rust-free) after almost a year!

While this may not seem like much, the helicopter crews sometimes need to enter or exit their craft quickly. Eezox® may have provided some precious seconds that could have meant the difference between life or death for a US soldier!

By the way, he also gave some of the samples to some members of the Special Ops teams who rode on his "birds". They weren't able to discuss what they did, but they did relate to him that they used and liked the product.

Thanks again for your generous donation.

W. R.
Jacksonville, Florida

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

From an army soldier in Iraq:


Thanks for all the help with my order. I am now a fully hooked fan of Eezox®. We have found that Eezox® is the best thing we can use here in Iraq due to the fact it doesn't allow the sand to gunk up on the bolts. I have told the guys here in my MP CO where they can order Eezox® and will continue to spread the word to others.

Thanks again,

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products


Thank you for helping my wife Michelle complete her order on my behalf for our use out here in Baghdad. I am currently a HHC Task Force Commander. Over my 11 years of service to the Army (including my enlisted time as a grunt), I have always tried to give my soldiers the best they could get when they went into harm's way. We prefer Eezox® for our crew-served weapons over other issued and commercial lubricants because of it's superior resistance to getting the talcum-powder like dust from just covering them on top of our vehicles (or when we're hanging off the side of them) when we are out on patrol or responding to many a crisis. Unfortunately, it is not currently in the Army system (that I am aware of), and it is highly prized out here. That also makes it hard to come by. All of my scouts, infantry, mortars, and CSS personnel have given favorable AARs to your product. Unfortunately, I do not have a government credit card, or I could make a rather large order...

Just thought that you'd like to know that we responded first to the U.N. bombing in August, many of the rocket and mortar attacks within the city, and foot patrols daily. Your product has measured up well to my toughest test - to issue whatever I can privately afford to my soldiers so they can come back home.

God Bless.

Henry Malinverni
Headhunter Six

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Hello Paul:

Absolutely feel free to post me up on your site as an enthusiastic endorser of Eezox®. You can pretty much write your own copy, since all the good things Tom Nasca has told me about the product are things I've found to be true. We've been using it for more than a decade without finding a better lubricant.

I do recommend Eezox® to anyone who asks about a good lubricant, and occasionally send out bottles to folks who send guns for repair that when taken apart are covered with sludge normally associated with defective car parts. In two recent instances I can recall, triggers failed to go forward due to lubrication buildup that had formed a hard brown crust around the trigger pin. The triggers had to be pounded loose with a mallet. I took Polaroid pictures before cleaning the guns to show the customers how constant oiling with some lubricants can make the insides of your gun look like it was dipped in molasses. With Eezox®, when you get pocket lint on your gun you can blow it off with an air hose. You don't need a chisel and kerosene.

(Larry Seecamp, manufacturer of the fine line of Seecamp pistols)

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

L. L. Bean (Hunting 1993) Our Favorite Gun Protectorant
Extend the life of your firearms with proven protection against water and rust. No oily film. Dry to the touch. Heavier than water, it coats your firearm so water never reaches the metal. Made in USA

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

(Here is one that my first internet customer sent me)

Dear Paul,

First I want to express my appreciation for you forwarding to me two twenty ounce cans of Eezox®.

I first began using the product about fifteen years ago after seeing a demonstration at a trapshoot of its effectiveness at removing plastic and lead buildup in the barrels of trapguns. After buying Eezox® and being provided a brochure that came with the product, I also began to use it for several different purposes with results that exceeded my expectations.

The product claim that it will protect the blued finish on weapons is definitely a fact. All of my guns are treated with Eezox® and I have found the blueing to be protected from weather and handprints. As a cleaning solvent, I use it to clean the bores of my shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders. If I owned any handguns they would be treated also. As expressed above, the demonstration I saw convinced me that it is a powerful cleaning agent, as well as a protectorant (as I later learned). The only thing I am not certain about is the ability to use the product to remove copper fouling from the rifle bores. The only reason for that is that I have always used a copper removing solvent when needed. However, what I have found is that among my several high intensity rifle calibers, copper buildup does not occur with the frequency or to the degree as in the past since using Eezox® as a bore cleaner.

In short, I believe that you have made an excellent choice in becoming a distributor for Eezox® and I highly recommend it over the other cleaners/protectorants on the market that I have tried in the past.

Again, thanks for shipping the product to me. It was really needed since I had run out of Eezox® earlier this past fall.

Gene Bussa
Circleville, Ohio

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

High Sierra Firearms Services
45 Auto Custom Shop
Stateline, Nevada

Dear Sirs:

After testing your product for several months, I am pleased to inform you of it's top notch performance. This product is so good, I am going to recommend it with every custom pistol that I deliver, the only cleaner/lubricant I will recommend

I have used it to clean reblued parts & firearms, as well as cleaning and lubing my test pistols, and it is performing flawlessly. I highly recommend this product to shooters and gunsmiths.

Wayne Koch
High Sierra Firearms Services

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Eezox®, Inc.

I would like to inform you of a use for Eezox® that I have tried. I live in Florida on the water and own a boat. The salt water and air is tough on my outboard engine, so I sprayed the engine block with a coating of Eezox® and for 3 months I had no corrosion on the metal. But before this I always had to brush and scrape rust off the block and repaint it. Now it still looks like new after using Eezox®.

Thank you,
Nick Tamburri
Marco Island, Florida

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products


I am a boater and I run a 21' Cuddy. Find a better product than Eezox® around boats and I want it. Frozen bolts, cables, deck fittings, whatever. With a little patience and some Eezox®, your problems are over... ask my boating friends.


P.S. Try it on corroded electrical contacts like radio connections, relays and electrical plugs and you will get the surprise of your life.

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Dear Sir,

I received the shipment of Eezox®, thanks for the quick shipping. I have a number of customers who get quite ill when I run out.

This is a great product. I can't begin to tell you how it is appreciated here, as the climate is so damp. Bobby Nance, my assistant gunsmith, has been using it for years on his muzzleloader firearms. He just won't use anything else. This stuff in the bore of a muzzleloader, after normal cleaning, will insure that NO rust will form inside or out.

This stuff is the best and it deserves a BIG ATTA BOY!!

Jim McCullough
McCullough Rifle Co. Inc.
Selma, Alabama

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Eezox®, Inc.

Dear Sirs:

I am the armourer for our Police Department, and first tried Eezox® about a year ago during the annual inspection of the Department issue weapons, including rifles, shotguns and service revolvers.

I admit I was skeptical of another "wonder" product that was supposed to "do it all". Eezox®, I found, did "do it all" and I was really impressed. However, this year during the inspection process, I was really amazed at how the build up of powder and lead fouling was so much more easily removed.

We train with full velocity reloaded lead bullet ammunition in .357 caliber, and leading can become quite heavy, usually requiring lots of work to remove. This year, after the weapons had been treated with Eezox® the fouling was very easily removed. It just didn't stick to the inside of the bores. The officers of the department also commented on the fact that their weapons felt so much smoother.

I just want to thank you for a fine product, which has replaced all others. It makes life much easier.

Brad Hady
City of Fairmont Police Dept.
Fairmont, Minnesota

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Eezox®, Inc.

Dear Mr. Nasca,

You are invited to accept this letter as an unqualified endorsement for the product Eezox® as the finest quality product I have ever used to clean a firearm.

During the last 22 years I have been a full time firearms instructor for various police departments along the east coast from Rhode Island to Georgia. During those years I must have spent a thousand or more hours lecturing on the "three step" process of cleaning firearms; plus who knows how many hours listening to the "old timers" tell me about their personal formulas. If I had recorded them it would probably make a good book of amusing reading for the dedicated firearms enthusiasts.

Three months ago I was introduced to Eezox® and I have used the product on numerous types of firearms from the very new to the very worn. The product has given me the same positive results as the claims of performance which are printed on the brochures and on the containers.

Eezox® is the only firearms cleaning product which I use and recommend.

Sincerely yours,
F. G. Rosemond
Va. Beach, Va

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Eezox®, Inc.

Dear Sirs,

I had to write and let you know what I thought of your product. It's Great!! After responding to your ad in "Police" magazine, I received a sample and tried it on my revolver. The results were amazing. I told my captain about it and showed him my revolver. He couldn't understand why the fingerprints wouldn't show up on the weapon. The test really came when I used Eezox® on my Ruger P-85. I was reluctant to try it on my P-85 because the frame is an aluminum alloy. Other types of "miracle solvents" claim to have a chemical reaction to aluminum, but not Eezox®. I tried it and was I surprised.

It was easier to clean as was my revolver, but most of all, the P-85 never jammed on me. Other people I've talked to about the P-85 said they have problems with hollow point ammo jamming. All I can say is use Eezox® to remedy the problem. It works for me. This product really is a "miracle product".

Ptl Winston Guilley
Jennings Police Dept.
Jennings, Louisiana

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Dear Sir,

Why I have put off writing this letter for such a long time is beyond me. In my 47 years of Gunsmithing no product has impressed me as much as your Eezox®. During the course of my career, I have used every product known to mankind that was produced for the firearms industry, WD-40 (kerosene is cheaper), Teflon additives (messy, build up and gum up), the many so called "Miracle Products". I have tried and used them all. Admittedly some of these products will do a certain job well - like lubricating, external protection, as a powder solvent, etc., etc., but your Eezox®, unbelievably does it all. I have found that your product does everything you claim it will do and from my experience much, much more.

Thank you for making my job a lot easier, you have the finest Gun Care Product on the market today!!

Mario Ruffino
Master Gunsmith
Hampton, Virginia

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

(recent email from a long-time user in New Zealand)


I've been an avid user of Eezox® since Adam was in short pants, but can no longer get your stuff in my part of the world.

I used to get my fix of Eezox® from a local firearms retailer, but unfortunately his source of supply has quit unlike your product which seems to keep working forever.

I have been using Break-Free for the last six months or so, but the residue comes off far too easily on my hands leaving spots where rust can attack as well as making my sandwiches taste funny.

The big question. If I was to give you all the appropriate credit card details would you be able and willing to send your product to me here in New Zealand?

I look forward to your reply.

Dirk Spoelstra
New Zealand

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

I have used Eezox® for some time on my black powder guns because a quick wipe down stops corrosion in its tracks even if you don't do a thorough cleaning for weeks.

Recently, my Beretta 303 quit cycling after several rounds of sporting clays; the gas piston was extremely fouled. I thoroughly cleaned the gun with Eezox®. It cuts through the powder residue very well and dries to a hard non-sticky lubricating film. Oil and grease on the locking lug, bolt slide, and trigger previously collected abrasive powder residue. This meant wear and malfunctions necessitating more frequent cleaning. No oil and no grease on the bolt, gas piston, or trigger, only hard dry Eezox®, means nothing on which powder residue can begin to stick. After 1000 to 1200 rounds, there is no wear and no malfunctions and not much to clean.

If you do have an autoloader problem, an aerosol can in the shooting bag is just the right thing for a quick, in the field spray wash.

Russell Young
Pipersville, PA

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

Here is a reprint (with permission) from Ted Murphy from his home page on earthlink. (I could not have written anything better myself! Thanks, Ted)

Eezox® Premium Gun Care is a triple action solution that cleans, lubricates, and preserves firearms. It is one of the finest treatments that you can give your guns.

Before I used Eezox®, I used Hoppe's #9. It did a good job, but it left a film that was hard to remove and the firearm required oiling. In my kit I had the Hoppe's, a can of gun oil, and a silicone rag that was used on the gun every time that it was handled.

I had experimented with other cleaning products, but found them to be no better than Hoppe's. Some cleaners, like CLP were more convenient due to their "all in one" formulation, but I found them to be no better than Hoppe's when it came down to removing fouling.

I did not think too much of Eezox® when I had first heard of it due to my bias against anything promising that much. I finally broke down and purchased a can when I realized that even if it was only adaquately good as a bore cleaner, it's dry properties would be great for a carry gun.

So I purchased a can of Eezox®, and used it to clean a S&W model 19 .357 that has seen two lifetimes of cartridges. This pistol had been cleaned with Hoppe's #9 as best as I could. The first Eezox® soaked patch that came through the cylinder was a sight to see, it was nearly black! Several patches later the cylinder looked as it had never had before, and the barrel was immaculate. I then used Eezox® on all my other pistols, the result was the same. At this point I had realized that I had found my new bore cleaner.

I have learned that a very light coating of Eezox® does indeed dry and it is does a great job of protecting the arm from fingerprints and such. I shoot only blued guns (I am convinced that the best triggers are on blued revolvers) so protecting the finish is a challenge at times. I shoot my Bullseye revolver three nights a week, 50-100 rounds a night. I don't wipe it down after a shoot. I clean it every two weeks. The finish is still flawless. I did not have that much faith in Eezox®'s protection right off, but I learned of it's durability after I shot a blued double shotgun on a hot summer day (lots of sweat) and kind of forgot to clean it for two months. No rust or fingerprinting was present.

Why Eezox® can protect an arm for so long is that the dry coating solves the largest problems of liquid coatings: Liquid coating will eventually run down to the lowest point and leave the rest of the gun unprotected, Liquid coatings can be wiped off by fingers and contact with clothing and gun cases, Liquid coatings will accumulate crud and dust. But if you use a product like Eezox® that dries, the problems associated with liquid coatings will not be present on your guns.

What I like the most about Eezox® is that every application builds on the previous coats. This means that every time you clean it with Eezox®, it gets a little easier. Nowadays, I do not use a bristle brush much, but before Eezox®, I wore those brushes out often.

There are a lot of bore cleaners out on the market, and most of them work quite well. The excellent products are the ones that clean a little better, while at the same time are a little easier to use. Eezox® fits that bill. I suggest to anyone who is interested in cleaning smarter and not harder to take the "Pepsi Challenge" and compare their current gun care products to Eezox®.

Not exactly a testimonial as such, but Robert P. Firriolo at The Gun Zone has written an article which compares Eezox® most favorably to some other products.

Warrens Custom Outdoor Products

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