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Product Information

Athough Cycle Tune-up was developed for bicycles, many motorcycle and ATV owners are finding it extremely helpful with their rigs too!! Anywhere you want something to operate smoother and not have to worry about rust, even around salt water, give Cycle Tuneup a try. You'll be glad you did.



CYCLE TUNE-UP Extends the Life of *Chains *Freewheels *Chain Wheels, because it PREVENTS EXCESSIVE PICK-UP OF DIRT AND OTHER ROAD CONTAMINANTS on power train components.

CYCLE TUNE-UP is great for the lubrication of cables and derailleurs.

Unique Made in USA products for the outdoorsmanCYCLE TUNE-UP greatly improves smoothness in shifting, keeping derailleurs as well as cables functioning to factory design.

CYCLE TUNE-UP is a unique synthetic high-tech formula that will prevent excessive wear and dirt pick-up because it goes on wet, and lubricates dry!!

The INTELLIGENT ALTERNATIVE to messy, costly bike care and short bike chain life.

CYCLE TUNE-UP possesses three major synthetic properties:
1. An exclusive high-tech synthetic LUBRICANT that functions from +450F to -65F.
2. A unique SOLVENT that cleans regardless of temperatures and conditions.
3. A combination of RUST INHIBITORS which keep metal parts free from corrosion in all environments, including SALT WATER conditions.

CYCLE TUNE-UP combines these three properties into a thin, strong molecular structure. CYCLE TUNE-UP will clean, lubricate and prevent rust on the entire bike, including power train parts. It penetrates the chain link parts so well it may be cleaned, lubricated and protected without removing the chain under normal conditions (see below). CYCLE TUNE-UP will not only keep chains and cogs clean, it will provide the best lubrication to PREVENT PREMATURE WEAR.

Chain Illustration - Eezox Cycle Tune-UpHere is an illustration of component parts of a bike chain with INNER LINK PLATE - ROLLER - BUSHING - OUTER LINK PLATE and CHAIN PIN. These parts require a lubricant with the molecular structure and ability to penetrate all these parts without "washout" and under all weather conditions. CYCLE TUNE-UP penetrates these parts leaving the surface with a thin film of synthetic lubricant and rust preventative, offering total rust protection as well as long lasting lubrication. The unique synthetic molecular structure of CYCLE TUNE-UP, when applied to bike chains, adheres and dries. CYCLE TUNE-UP prevents excessive pick-up of dirt and other road contaminants - with NO OILY FILM. CYCLE TUNE-UP greatly improves smoothness in shifting, and keeps derailleurs functioning to factory design.

CYCLE TUNE-UP will improve the performance of all bikes, including road and all-terrain. CYCLE TUNE-UP keeps seat posts, handle bar stems and adjustable saddle bolts free of rust and corrosion - and well lubricated.

Other applications for CYCLE TUNE-UP - Derailleur pivot points and pulleys. Bottom bracket cable guides. Points where cables enter or exit stops & housings. Brake handle hinges, cables & caliper arm pivots. Be careful not to dampen wheel rims.


NEW CHAINS: Dip and let soak in CYCLE TUNE-UP for several hours. remove and let dry, wiping off excess until dry to the touch.

HEAVY MAINTENANCE: If at all possible, remove the chain and follow above instuctions. Otherwise, using chain brush and coarse rag, clean chain with CYCLE TUNE-UP. Let dry for several hours and wipe excess off before riding.

NORMAL MAINTENANCE: Clean chain on bike with chain brush or rough rag, using CYCLE TUNE-UP for your cleaner. Let dry for several hours, wipe excess off before riding.

REMEMBER: If you sling CYCLE TUNE-UP off freewheel, you have used too much. CYCLE TUNE-UP lubricates and protects dry.

Product Information

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